Frequently Asked Questions
What is RSMA?
RSMA is an Art Marketplace, connecting artists to art lovers. RSMA sells prints on Apparel & Wall Art.
We allow artists to reach the masses by selling digital prints of their work on only the finest of products, with affordable pricing & great returns.
Customers can browse the art market, or create their own prints in our design lab.
The name “RSMA” comes from the Arabic word for “A Drawing”, one of the simplest and oldest forms of Art.
How do I buy from RSMA?
You can buy products directly from RSMA’s art market where you will find the work of local & international artists; or design your own product in the design lab, it's never been easier.
You can use your Credit / Debit Card to pay for your order, or if you’re in Saudi Arabia, you may use cash on delivery or bank transfer as payment methods.
Orders usually are shipped out within 1 business day of the order being placed, the delivery time in shipping can vary based on your location and our shipping partners. For local (KSA) deliveries, total delivery time usually does not exceed 1 week.
For sizing information, please visit check the size guide on the product page.
For additional information, please visit the guide on Buying from RSMA.
Why should I become an Artist with RSMA? How do I Join?
RSMA makes it simple for artists to monetize their work, it requires no upfront costs.
All you need to do is create an artist account, and start publishing your artwork and earn money for the sales.
You keep the rights to your work, and can publish/unpublish it anytime you want.
You have control over how much you earn on each artwork you publish, and the rates we charge for the products don't change, even if you increase your rates.
For full details on how all of this works, please visit the guide on Selling with RSMA.
I am not an artist, but I enjoy curating & sharing art. Can I still make money with RSMA?
At RSMA, we appreciate art enthusiasts as much as we appreciate artists. We've made it extremely simple for you to still earn money by simply sharing the art you love.
People who share art they love are what we call "Art Curators" on RSMA, and any purchase that happens marked by you as a curator, will earn you 10% of the base price on every product in that order.
For full details on features that help you understand how to best utilize our curator features, please visit the guide on Selling with RSMA.
What is your Return Policy at RSMA?
At RSMA, Customer Satisfaction is a top priority. Please contact us if there is anything unsatisfactory at all about your order, we will make it right! This is the RSMA Promise.
A refund request can be placed up to 30 days after the order shipping date, it should be e-mailed directly to [email protected], it should contain your order information and if the product arrived damaged or incorrect, please attach images.
Art for everyone!
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